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4Bet Aviator Crash Game: Play Online

Aviator is a crash game gifted by Spribe Company to the online casino world first in 2019. The rules of the game and the main feature manifested in the instant wins have become a popular product among 4Bet Indian users. Aviator is initially a money game, in which you place bets like in a classic slot game. 


The Aviator Crash Game is specifically popular in India, so 4Bet site has an explicitly good design with localization for Indian players in its portfolio. 

The real Aviator game is where all the standards and the functions of the product are represented. Without a doubt, 4Bet casino has kept the traditional red and black universe concerning Spribe. 

We want to emphasize that Aviator is a real money game with an instant result, so be sure you drag the brake on the plane when you feel the machine is out of fuel. Moreover, we highly recommend playing the Aviator betting game on verified platforms like the 4Bet app.

Aviator Game Review and Rules

Name of the productAviator
VersionAviator Spribe
Year of first release2019
ConceptCrash Game (subcategory of slot game)
Name of the gaming platform4Bet
Size of the Aviator app30MB
Operational SystemsAndroid and IOS
Indian Localization and CurrencyAvailable

Players bet on a specific odd, and the final target is to hit the desired sum of money before your plane eventually crashes, in the 4Bet Aviator Crash Game. Briefly, we have gathered the basic Aviator game rules: 

  • The places the bet: you set the goal: how much money you want to win. You wager your account money;
  • The plane takes off: the plane is finally in the air and the numbers (odds) are consequently going up! Remember, that it’s like with a balloon – the bigger it is, the sooner it will blow up;
  • Pooling the brakes: You have to decide to land your airship on the juicy odd you just caught. Very well, you’ve timed your victory and the next round will start if you decide so;
  • ”Did you win or lose”: If you secure the money before the crash, the victory is yours. Otherwise, an unfortunate landing means the loss of the bet;
  • Anticipating the next round: More bets, more opportunities to win. Don’t give up on the first crash, as the Aviator is a money game with a call for determination.

how to play aviator game

How to Play Aviator Game at 4Bet

The gameplay is easy to understand. At Aviator Crash game you feel like a pilot whose earnings depend on the height of the plane’s turn. Your task is simple: place your bets within a few seconds before the plane takes off:

  • Basically, it looks like this: Once the round has started, the plane takes off. It draws a line behind itself. The plane increases the multiplier until it flies away. Here, do not fall asleep;
  • However, you have to be careful and pay attention. If you miss the right time to take off, the plane will fly away. If it flies away, you have lost your bet. So you have to collect the winnings before departure;
  • If you want, you can also use the “Automatic Bets” option. The stakes set are saved and bets are placed automatically in the next round.

Here we have a step-by-step guide on how to play Aviator with further options:

  1. Select an amount and click on the ”Place be” button.
  2. You can also add a second betting field by clicking on the plus at the top right of the betting window. Now 2 bets can run in parallel.
  3. If you want to get out and collect the amount, click on ”Cashout”.
  4. There is also the autoplay function. To do this, activate the autoplay checkbox in the betting window. Please note, however, that you have to manually click on ”Cashout” to make 4Bet withdrawals. Alternatively, you can also use the AutoCash function. With this function, you specify in advance when the bet should be withdrawn.

Aviator Game Algorithm: What Should You Know

The Aviator Crash Game relies on several mechanisms, which define how the it works. The details are of course hidden by the developers, but some of the online Aviator game algorithms are known to the public, including us. And no, you are not cheating, you are exploring how the Aviator works, to understand the game ”Aviator”:

  1. Generation of Multiple Values. Elaboration is pretty simple – everything in the game is generated. Starting from the moment when the plane starts gaining momentum and eventually crashes to the moment to the phase when you see new values on your gaming screen. Does this mean that there is no logic in the appearance of every value? Absolutely! The game algorithms rely on the random generation of the values.
  2. How your plane moves in the air. We assume mathematics has intervened in the movement of your plane. Taking into account which values (odds) you catch while steering the ship, the direction you planned initially might not be the final destination.
  3. Crashing. Here, the formula is pretty obvious. We have already given the example of the balloon blowing up from its size. However, the plane might go even further than its limits, as a small tear of luck can slide you a great result.
  4. Human actions. The way you behave yourself regarding pulling the brakes does not influence the inner AI. The Aviator will not flip you just because you play safe, as this is simply not programmed by the code of the game.
  5. Is this even fair? We should not forget that this game is based firstly on luck and the Theory of mathematical probability rather applies to sports events, when calculation can be driven by several factors. In casino games, there is no definition of “fair” as the randomizer simply does not have feelings.

If summarized, the Aviator bet game does balance between randomness and the internal algorithms, which define your result. In essence, the game is built up for rather short successful flights, although trying your best to sharpen your skills is possible with Aviator Demo Mode.

4Bet Aviator Demo Mode – Your Playground

4Bet Aviator casino games are easy to play, however, even the trickiest and the most agile fail in the most obvious situations. 

Therefore, try out Aviator Deme Mode, where you play without putting money into the gaming account. You will have an infinite amount of money on your Aviator betting game.

The sequence of the actions in the demo game is the same: place the bet, set the height, and land the plane before you crash. Aviator’s official website also provides you with the so-called field for training. 

4Bet – a Suitable Mobile App for the Aviator Crash Game 

Play the real Aviator game in India with 4Bet! So straightforward, how is that? Do you want to avoid the unstable work of the Aviator game? Do you want to receive bonuses for playing the best version at 4Bet? Thus, buckle up and dive into the best app for Aviator gaming in India! 

Your piloting lessons will start soon:

  1. Firstly, to play Aviator, you have to log in at 4Bet.
  2. The Spribe Aviator version of the game is already available for launch in the main menu of the casino section. The game is very popular, so finding the game will take no effort from you.
  3. 4Bet includes information on how to play the Aviator game online. Of course, 4Bet Aviator is not a hack solution to your infinite winning streak, but the guide at 4Bet can teach you some tricks and tell you more about the 4Bet predictor feature. The feature includes the best tricks and pieces of advice while playing Aviator at 4Bet.

As mentioned before, 4Bet has localized the Aviator game for Indian players. Beginning from the rules of the 4Bet casino game to the interface of the game. The Indian Aviator game has the same rules and design, only the language differs. By the way, 4Bet has suited for every GEO available on the platform. 

Aviator game links are better to avoid if find any on the internet. Aviator game apps are pre-authorized by the Spribe providers, which means any suspicious platform, that does not have the Spribe version of the game will likely be scum. Play the Avatior game with 4Bet and stay safe, especially if it concerns your private data. 

Pros and Cons of Aviator Plane Cash Game 

The game is entertaining, yet lacks perfection. Of course, you may assume that the main reason why it is imperfect is the inability to win forever. Well, in this case, you should never Aviator Demo Mode, as there are winners and losers in that mode. There are some significant advantages and disadvantages, which we want to briefly put out. The judgment is based on our test and the overall experience of 4Bet players. The players from India are excited to meet new changes if those meet their expectations.

  • Instant wins;
  • Simple rules;
  • Low initial wages;
  • Promotions – bonuses for Aviator players;
  • Play for real money and in demo-mode
  • No justified logic for the crash;
  • One game mode (the plot of the game does not change).

4Bet Aviator Game Tricks and Tips

You have reached the most lucrative part of this review. Setting a correct Aviator strategy means being consistent, even if the party goes for a short time. Indeed, the Aviator game is designed for quick gaming where the strategy is playing the secondary role. Two clicks and the game is over. However, isn’t it an advantage, that plays for your side? 

You are on the bus or at the office, having your lunch. You are in the mood to crash some planes and of course, you reach into your pocket for the smartphone. You complete an instant login and launch the Aviator. And everything within one minute. Would you be able to do it with a PC? Probably, but the app version has the same steering feature, plus, controlling the ship with a tap of the finger can be much faster than with a click of an old office mouse. 

Tips from us to the newbies: 

  • practice in the Demo Version;
  • Start placing bets from the lowest sum: 100 INR;
  • Do not rely on high odds – the explosion is highly expected;
  • Play at the 4Bet app – secure bonuses and enjoy optimized gaming!


4Bet has prepared everything for the smooth and troubleless gaming of Aviator. The bonus is already ready to be credited to your account, once the the proper promotion is released. Hence, set off to the unlimited and undiscovered skies with the 4Bet application! 

Meanwhile, you can sign up for a 900% 4Bet welcome bonus with a full scale of 90,000 INR at 4Bet, if you are a newcomer. 


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